Chris P. Wolf

Software engineer and game designer in Los Angeles.

Some Software Projects

Web App for [REDACTED]

Project currently under NDA. A complex web app including user authentication, database, and frontend UI. Internal to the client's organization.

Next.js, React, MongoDB, Material UI, Auth0

March for Our Lives

All-new website for 2024. in collaboration with Wide Eye.

Wordpress, PHP, JavaScript, SCSS


Built risk and prioritization features for the EasySet security risk assessment application. In collaboration with Gordils & Willis.

Meteor.js, React, MongoDB, D3

Spectrum Journal (NSFW)

An extensive Wordpress theme and website build for Spectrum Boutique to publish articles about sex and relationships. In collaboration with Gordils & Willis.

Wordpress, PHP, JavaScript, SCSS

Some Game Design Projects


A consultancy focused on game design as a process for broader ideation and problem solving. Worked on a substantial HR project for Indeed.

Night Tripper

An interstellar adventure tabletop role-playing game. Currently in beta as a website.


A science fiction tabletop role-playing game, published in print & pdf. Art and graphic design by Olivia Gulin. More resources, including character sheets here.