Chris P. Wolf

Software engineer and game designer in Los Angeles.

Some Software Projects

Web App for [REDACTED]

Project currently under NDA. A complex web app including user authentication, database, and frontend UI. Internal to the client's organization.

Next.js, React, MongoDB, Material UI, Auth0


Built risk and prioritization features for the EasySet security risk assessment application. In collaboration with Gordils & Willis.

Meteor.js, React, MongoDB, D3

Rhode Island School of Design

Website for 2021 commencement ceremony, in collaboration with Good Friends.

Gatsby, GraphQL, React, Netlify CMS

Spectrum Journal (NSFW)

An extensive Wordpress theme and website build for Spectrum Boutique to publish articles about sex and relationships. In collaboration with Gordils & Willis.

Wordpress, PHP

Some Game Design Projects


A consultancy focused on game design as a process for broader ideation and problem solving. Worked on a substantial HR project for Indeed.

Night Tripper

An interstellar adventure tabletop role-playing game. Currently in beta as a website.


A science fiction tabletop role-playing game, published in print & pdf. Art and graphic design by Olivia Gulin.